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About Us

What makes us so special ?

Hospital Radio Stafford provides a 24 hours a day entertainment service for patients in Staffordshire Hospitals and to day patients attending Katharine House Hospice, Stafford.

Tina & Alan with that very shy man.

Is that enough ?

Hospital Radio Stafford promotes it’s self as ” the voice of a friend ” so a lot of importance is placed on maintaining a good rapport with patients.

We have some regular patients who visit hospital due to repeat illness or for routine blood transfusions for example. Those patients show a real appreciation of our service and regulars ‘phone into live programmes to say hello and request music tracks.

Longer term patients often look forward to Presenter’s repeat visits to wards.

Occasionally, regular patients ‘phone in from home after discharge to say how much they appreciated the company of a friendly voice on the radio. Nursing staff and Doctors have on several occasions said to presenters how music can be therapeutic to someone’s recovery. This is very encouraging to Presenters and to our service as a whole.

Ward staff often encourage patients to have a song played and sometimes request their favourite song to boost morale and dedicate to patients.

Occasional letters and verbal quotes are captured for publication in our in-house patients magazine. This can encourage other patients to do likewise.

Presenter Jase Everett 

That’s what makes Hospital Radio Stafford a service worth supporting !!!