Our Patron

The Patron of Hospital Radio Stafford is Dana Rosemary Scallon, probably better known as the singer Dana who won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest representing Ireland.

Her winning song ” All kinds of everything ” was adopted by early years Presenter the late George Mellet who used the song as his show signature.

As HRS approaches it’s 50th Anniversary Year, Dana sent the following message to HRS Acting Secretary Colin Smith:

Dear Colin

It’s lovely to hear from you and to know that Hospital Radio Stafford is still going strong. 

I’ve always been a supporter of hospital radio and I’m delighted to confirm that I am honoured to be a patron of your excellent radio station since its founding in 1971. 

As usual life often take us in different directions but my support for the invaluable work you do remains in place.

Please pass on my kind regards to your wonderful presenters , especially the gentleman who remembered my involvement and who has served the station so loyally over the past 50 years. What an amazing contribution to the patients and their families through the years. Congratulations to you all.

Let me know if I can be of further support in this special year.

God bless