HRS 50th Anniversary

Yes, on 17 January 2022, Hospital Radio Stafford reached a milestone Anniversary. It is 50 years since our inaugural broadcast to hospital patients in Staffordshire on 17 January 1972.

Chair of Trustees Colin Smith recorded a radio interview for BBC Radio Stoke a few days before our anniversary and it was broadcast on the morning of Monday 17 January 2022.

Click the player below to listen :

Thanks to all Presenters who took part in our 50 Hour Marathon Broadcast and thank you to everyone who has donated to our next big project. Our gofundme page will remain open during the year so if you have some spare cash and want to support a fantastic local cause here’s where to donate……………

 GoFundMe page

All monies raised will go towards our next big project – a refurbishment of The Armand Chatfield Studio.

Also, in celebration of our 50 years of Broadcasting, our resident poet and librarian Pat Taylor has written a celebratory poem. Here it is………

Fifty years of Hospital broadcasts seem to have flown by so fast.

When in Hospital it’s so nice to know that people can be cheered up by a Show,

And it’s not just one sort of music we play, but a real variety during the day.

Opera and Pop, Rock and Roll, Comedy and Classical, the overall effect is quite magical.

Appealing to whatever age you may be and whatever your problems and history.

Music can sooth the soul and give you rest or make you want to sing with zest.

It’s known to help people feel better and relax, that’s actually a very well known fact.

So, after fifty years of supporting Patients and Nurses, let’s all dig into our purses.

Let’s all support our Hospital Radio today and donate to it’s future in some way.

Three Cheers for everyone who gives their time, to make this service just sublime.

We’d like to hear from you with your requests and in return we’ll do our very best.

Playing your favourite songs and tunes on the way to helping you feel happy and having a better day.

Pat Taylor